Can Anyone Be a Guardian/Conservator? 

  • Colorado Springs lawyerA person must be at least 21 years of age to be appointed as a guardian and/or conservator. 
  • Colorado does not permit long-term care providers to serve as guardians or conservators for any person they care for unless related by marriage, adoption, or blood. 
  • While it is most common for a guardian or conservator to be a family member, this is not a requirement. In fact, it is prevalent for the guardian/conservator to be a professional, and in some cases, it is advisable. However, a professional may not be both guardian and conservator for someone. Being a guardian or conservator for someone else can be very demanding of the guardian/conservator’s time and, in some cases, their resources. A potential guardian/conservator should consider their circumstances and those of the potentially protected person/ward and consider whether a professional guardian/conservator might be the better option. However, be aware that professional guardians and conservators will charge a fee to serve in that role. While family members are also entitled to reasonable compensation, many will forgo any payment.

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