Evictions Allowed to Proceed in Colorado

Governor Polis’s moratorium on Forced Entry and Interactions (evictions) expired over the weekend. This means that landlords may begin filing actions against their tenants for nonpayment of rent.

Tenants are still Protected!

Governor Polis signed Executive Order D 2020 101 on June 13,2020. This order provides a few protections for tenants. First, landlords have to deliver a 30-day notice of default of payment and under this order a tenant has that time to rectify the notice of default or nonpayment. This is a longer timeframe than the usual 10-day timeframe landlords are accustomed to. This longer period more time for tenants to recover from COVID-19 related financial difficulties.

Additionally, the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) is to help create model rent repayment plans to assist tenants who are unable to pay rent as a result of financial hardship caused by COVID-19.

Finally, the order prevents landlords from charging late fees or penalties for any breach of the terms of a lease or rental agreement due to nonpayment that occurred between May 1, 2020 and June 13, 2020.

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