What Is the Difference Between a Guardianship and a Conservatorship? 

Colorado Springs lawyerUnlike some states where a guardianship and conservatorship are one and the same, in Colorado, these are distinct. Someone may be under a guardianship and not a conservatorship and vice versa. This means that the appointed guardian may differ from the appointed conservator in Colorado. 

The easiest way to distinguish the two is to associate a guardianship with one’s personal affairs (like lodging, health care decisions, etc.) and a conservatorship with one’s financial affairs (when to buy and sell property, the management of the protected person’s estate, etc.). 

If both a guardianship and conservatorship are in place and two different people hold these positions, they will undoubtedly need to coordinate and be on the same page as they carry out their duties. In many cases, however, the same individual, such as a family member, serves in both roles. If you need to speak with a Colorado Springs conservator lawyer or a Colorado Springs Guardianship lawyer, please call us today. 

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