When Does a Colorado Guardianship/Conservatorship End? 

  • Colorado Springs lawyerShould the protected person/ward recover their faculties and no longer need a conservatorship/guardianship, any interested person can petition the court to terminate the guardianship/conservatorship.
  • Similarly, suppose the then current powers under the guardianship/conservatorship can be less restrictive (this frequently occurs when the protected person partially recovers from their diminished capacity).

  • In that case, any interested party can petition the court to limit the powers of the guardian or conservator. This gives more autonomy to the ward/protected person as appropriate.

  • Also, a conservator can apply to terminate the conservatorship if the protected person’s assets are depleted.

  • In the case of guardianship, the powers of a guardian are no longer effective upon the death of the ward.

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