How Do I Remove an Executor/Personal Representative if They Are Mismanaging Assets or Stealing? 

Colorado Springs probate lawyerIf you believe a personal representative is acting in bad faith, one possible first step is to try to confirm such suspicions. You can request that the personal representative provide documentation, such as an inventory of the estate’s assets or an interim accounting. 

If provided, these documents should reflect the personal representative’s actions and provide specific details on their financial dealings.

If the documents look questionable, you can request additional documentation. For example, if the accounting reflects that an item was sold at a specific price, but you believe it was sold for a higher price, you can request documentation regarding that sale. 

This step of gathering information could clarify potential misunderstandings and provide proof of a personal representative’s imperfect action. To have a personal representative removed through the court, you must file a petition for removal. A court hearing will almost certainly require a court to determine whether or not removal is warranted.

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