Partnership Disputes

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Partnership Disputes in Colorado

You might have one or more business partners if you run a business. Despite their potential for great success, partnerships can also result in disagreements. Having an attorney deal with your uncompromising business partner is essential in the event of a partnership dispute.

What Can Lead to a Colorado business partnership dispute?

When partners must agree on important issues, such as:

  • how the business should run,
  • how profits should be used or shared, or
  • what should happen now that a partner wants to leave the partnership,

Disagreements in these fundamental matters often lead to irreconcilable business partnership disputes. Partners may resort to litigation if negotiation and mediation are unsuccessful in resolving these disagreements.

If you want to settle a pre-litigation negotiation on terms that work for you, you should talk to an attorney, so they can protect your best interests in the business. Or, if you find yourself in litigation, let us help preserve and protect your interests.

How can you best deal with a stubborn business partner?

Acting early on is crucial if facing a dispute with an uncompromising business partner. Even if you think you can negotiate and mediate the argument, consider seeking legal help to inform those negotiations and protect your interests.

When you are a client of Baker Law Group, you don’t have to go through this alone. Our attorneys are expert negotiators and litigators and often have tremendous succession in resolving disputes in our client’s favor. Let our attorneys help you resolve your partnership dispute quickly and efficiently, while safeguarding your rights.

How can a partnership dispute be avoided?

Conflicts can often be avoided in the first place with the help of a well drafted and negotiated partnership agreement. The roles and responsibilities of each partner and the procedures for resolving disagreements can be outlined in a partnership agreement. However, it’s possible that even well-drafted partnership agreements won’t be able to anticipate future disputes. In this case, a properly drafted partnership agreement will clearly lay out the terms and procedure for the partners to separate or dissolve the business venture.

If you have a major disagreement with your business partner, you have a few options. Baker Law Group can assist you in mediating the dispute or negotiating a settlement. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, we can assist you throughout the litigation process, should you decide to pursue court action.

You can sue a business partner in Colorado for breach of contract, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty (which includes failing to uphold the duty of loyalty or care), and other business torts as appropriate. However, weighing the benefits and drawbacks with objective, well-informed advice is essential before deciding what course of legal action is prudent.

Contact a Business Dispute Lawyer Denver Residents Trust

Baker Law Group has experienced attorneys handling our clients’ partnership disputes and will work to develop a strategy that works for your specific circumstances. We are here to assist you through these disagreements in order to get the best resolution possible given your specific circumstances.

Our excellent reputation for advocating for clients and resolving their business disputes stems from the dedicated and experienced team we have. Protect your business and resolve the conflict with our team of legal experts behind you.

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